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Why is Puerto Rico a solid business partner?

Every day there’s more evidence that points to Puerto Rico as a world-class business destination. The implementation of structural reforms, economic programs, and tax incentives have positioned the island as one of the most competitive jurisdictions in the world and as a strategic partner of Colombia.

This is why top companies from all over the world have made the smart move to Puerto Rico. These five points are proof:

  • World-class workforce
  • Advanced infrastructure
  • Generous tax incentives
  • Global experience
  • United States legal framework

The time to do business in Puerto Rico is now! Learn all about we have to offer here.

OELAPR: A bridge to economic development

Puerto Rico Government Office (OELAPR)

Puerto Rico is opening the doors to its commercial development by establishing offices in Colombia, further solidifying the relationships between both countries.

OELAPR integrates economic, commercial, touristic, cultural, and academic promotion to foster the island’s advantages within the world’s economy. OELAPR’s objectives are:

  • To increase reciprocal investment between Colombia and Puerto Rico
  • To develop a support strategy for commerce between both countries
  • To diversify the exportation of Puerto Rican goods and services
  • To promote Puerto Rico as a destination for cultural, shopping, and medical tourism
  • To foster strategic alliances between academic institutions in Puerto Rico and in Colombia.

Other benefits of OLEAPR

OELAPR also offers orientation about exterior commerce and facilitates processes such as: available economic incentives, Customs and commercial regulations, technical difficulties, financing, import and export laws, commercialization, market studies, distribution channel research, and statistics about Puerto Rico and Colombia.

Advantages of strengthening commercial relations with Puerto Rico as a strategic partner of Colombia:

  • Diversified economic ecosystems, home of North American, European, Latin American, and local companies that work together
  • Attractive incentives in key sectors such as manufacturing, service exportation, and tourism
  • Specialized human capital that is bilingual, bicultural, and highly skilled
  • Strategic geographic location, right in between the United States, Latin American, and Spain
  • Highly developed infrastructure with connectivity to the region’s main cities
  • Strategic door to the United States, thanks to the protections of being a legal and economic jurisdiction

Puerto Rico, an island of opportunities

Doing business in Puerto Rico has many advantages: the government works efficiently with corporations and investors, making commercial transactions is easy, the quality of life is high, and its infrastructure is advanced.

How to establish a business in Puerto Rico?

The goal of this section is to guide you step by step through the process of establishing or expanding your business in Puerto Rico. Find information about the programs, incentives, financing options, and all you need to know to set up a business in Puerto Rico here.

How is life in Puerto Rico?

If you plan on traveling to Puerto Rico for vacations or business, learn everything from necessary work visas to how to move here.

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