Industry Snapshots

Apparel Manufacturing

Modern apparel manufacturing requires an extensive, highly skilled workforce, which is precisely the first point of Puerto Rico’s Business Star Proposition.

A Magnet for Apparel Manufacturing

Offering a powerful combination of a skilled, affordable workforce, and aggressive tax incentives, Puerto Rico is an ideal location for apparel manufacturing. More than 80 apparel plants with 10,000 employees currently call the island home and turn out everything from socks and hosiery to ready-to-wear and custom apparel.

Powerhouse in Military Apparel and Footwear

Puerto Rico's military apparel, footwear and accessories industry has continued to grow steadily over the past 10 years. With the Berry Amendment stipulating that all Department of Defense purchases must originate from an American territory, Puerto Rico is an appealing destination for U.S. military apparel contracts. The island currently ranks second in Department of Defense contracts.

Research & Development

New innovations in the apparel industry are occurring at a pace that has never been seen before, due to research and development in the use of nanotechnology. For the Department of Defense, "intelligent textiles" are being developed in Puerto Rico that allow complex systems to be integrated into military combat uniforms Unobtrusively such as enhanced body armor, flame-resistant gear and new fibers that halt bacteria growth to limit infection in wounded soldiers.

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