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Consumer Goods

Puerto Rico’s Business Star Proposition is not only anchored on a strong infrastructure for manufacturing. Another one of the Star’s points offers you extensive experience with global brands. All you need to fulfill each stage of production, from research to manufacturing to marketing, is right here in Puerto Rico.

Experts in Consumer Goods

When it comes to consumer goods, Puerto Rico is undoubtedly a very competitive market. It offers opportunities for market research, product innovation, manufacturing, branding, and marketing. A large part of our highly skilled workforce specializes in the consumer products arena. There are top engineers and scientists for research, manufacturing, and innovation, as well as marketers for branding and advertising.

Recently, Puerto Rico ranked among the top 3 in availability of scientists, engineers, and marketing in the world by the 2013 Economic Forum Report.

Opportunities abound for large and small companies alike across the spectrum of subsectors that populate the consumer goods landscape. Most importantly, Puerto Rico is a commerce paradise for many retail companies, making it a premier test market to research consumer behavior.

Main Industry Subsectors

Among specific consumer goods subsectors you will find in Puerto Rico are appliances, toys, furniture, recreational boats, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, games, gifts, greeting cards, office supplies, jewelry, sporting goods, musical instruments, and processed foods and beverages.

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