There’s no reason why you can’t come to Puerto Rico for business and pleasure. As an all-star tourism destination in the heart of the Caribbean, the island is a great place to visit and even to call home.

Relocating to Puerto Rico is not just about enjoying year-round summer weather. It also makes sense financially. The new Individual Investors Act provides exemption from Puerto Rico income taxes for new residents. Learn more about Act 22.

Even if you’re only coming for a visit, here’s a quick glimpse at what you can do while you tour our beautiful Island.

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Zipline over high forest canopies. Rappel down deep caves. Paddle through some of the brightest bioluminescent bays in the world. All in one day. You will feel like the star of an action film, but you will just be having fun in Puerto Rico. Learn all about adventure sports and activities in Puerto Rico.

Learn all about adventure sports and activities in Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico might be a small island, but it is surrounded by more than 270 miles of beautiful coastline. And it’s not just the quantity of beaches that’s impressive. There are an endless number of activities you can do under the sun. Some offer you world-class surfing. Others feature miles of reefs with plenty of marine life to admire.

Even if you just want to spend the day relaxing and taking in the beauty of white sands and turquoise water, there’s a beach just for you. It’s no wonder why a few of them have been recognized as the best in the world.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re into land sports or into water sports. In Puerto Rico’s perfect tropical climate, you can have them all, all throughout the year.

Whether you feel better when on a bike, on a fishing boat, on a horse or on a golf tee, the island offers plenty of venues for recreational activities.

If you are looking for an exciting golf experience, Puerto Rico has 25 courses around the island to choose from, with fairways suited for any experience level. Our flagship tournament, the Puerto Rico Open, has been part of the PGA Tour since 2008.

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Puerto Rico’s culture is a lively mix of Taíno, African, and Spanish influences. This fusion extends to almost every aspect of Puerto Rican life: our rich cuisine, colorful arts and crafts, vibrant music, and traditional festivals.

Our museums feature both European classics and Afro-Caribbean sculpture. Our buildings blend traditional colonial styles with a bright palette of colors. Our music brings together instruments, rhythms and sounds from eras and places as distant from each other as 18th century West Africa and medieval Spain.

Puerto Rico’s yearly calendar is full of mesmerizing cultural events, such as the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián that mark the end of Christmas, the Puerto Rico Heineken JazzFest that brings together international Latin jazz stars and Festival Casals, which showcases some of the worlds’ most renowned artists in classical music. . But no matter when you come, our culture will be all around you.

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Puerto Rico may be known for its sunny weather. But there’s still plenty to do when the sun goes down.

Depending on your mood, there are many ways to have the night of your life in Puerto Rico. If the spirit moves you to dance, San Juan is teeming with clubs that play everything from live salsa to the best DJs in the Caribbean. If you’re in a mellow mood, you could sit down for cocktails made with the best rum in the world. And if you’re feeling lucky, the casino is always open.

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Mofongo. Asopao. Lechón. You might not know these words now but, once you come here and taste what they mean, you will remember them forever. If you’re one of those who believe that a culture is best understood through its food, you’re in for the trip of a lifetime.

Our island hasn’t just become a magnet for foodies; it’s grown into the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean. World-class chefs manage the kitchens at many restaurants in San Juan, while internationally renowned chefs have brought their brands to the island. From gourmet fine dining to roadside kiosks and food trucks, you will love exploring our menus and local products while discovering the many tastes of Puerto Rico.

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Puerto Rico is where you want to be if you seek an all-natural destination.

Puerto Rico is where you want to be if you seek an all-natural destination.

There are 14 state forests, including El Yunque, the only sub-tropical rainforest in the United States, and the Guánica Dry Forest, a United Nations Biosphere Reserve.

But if you want to see the island shine its best light, you must visit one of its bioluminescent bays. There are only a few in the world and Puerto Rico has three. A kayak ride over any of them will make you feel like you’re sailing over stars.

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