Educated Workforce to Help You Succeed

Companies seeking to expand or relocate to Puerto Rico have access to a ready supply of more than 1.1 million educated workers at all skill levels. With more than 50 institutions of higher learning, including universities, colleges, community colleges, and technical institutes, Puerto Rico's university system graduates approximately 23,000 bilingual students each year.

A World Leader in Engineering and Life Science Degrees

Puerto Rico is home to two of the top 20 largest engineering programs in the nation at the
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico and the University of Puerto Rico’s Mayagüez campus. More than 10,000 degrees in science, engineering, and technology are awarded each year by colleges on the island.

The University of Puerto Rico's Mayagüez Campus, Puerto Rico's leading engineering school, ranks 1st in graduating Hispanic engineers, 2nd in graduating women engineers, 1st in the number of graduated chemical engineers and 11th in granting chemical engineering master degrees among U.S. institutions.

  • 4 out of every 10 college degrees are in science and engineering programs.

  • 39% of the University of Puerto Rico’s engineering degrees are awarded to women.

  • The University of Puerto Rico’s Mayagüez campus offers a five-year bachelor's degree in industrial biotechnology, with programs at three other universities.

  • The University of Puerto Rico’s Medical Sciences campus and the Ponce School of Medicine at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico offer Ph.D. programs in biomedical science.